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W R I T E R  / F I L M M A K E R

Ex-am-ple ( n) :

1. A similar case that constitutes a model or precedent.
2. A punishment given as a warning or deterrent.
3. A problem or exercice used to illustrate a principle or a method.

Set in New york "The Example" is a drama with a surrealistic touch about responsibilities, a story where the psychologist borders collapse, giving up on its way the usual dualistic notions of right and wrong in a spiral of uneasiness and questioning.
How an ordinary encounter between 2 strangers will radically affect their quiet and structured life.
Despite the landscape variety the story mothers a claustrophobic atmosphere similar to a leading to an unbearable tension where it seems to have no end.


Directed/ Written/ Shot/Edited by Steeve Cazaux

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