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Who am i ? what do i do ?

I was born in Guadeloupe ( French west indies )

I am an

My name is Steeve Cazaux

sometimes it happens that i work under others names like "Khamon" "Capharnaum" or  the fictional caracther that i created  "The broke man with the gold hands who has his dark side "Deswetou"  





Very young i started to draw then quickly i became a painter who was doing EXHIBITION andSTREET ART 

 but something was missing , something like an other dimension , in a very sunny day my friends and i were outside on a football field, While they were playing i was sat in front of a tv plugged to a very long electric cable , i watched that day for the first time" Trainspotting "by Danny Boyle on a VHS , this was one of the events who made me fall in love with cinema. 


About photograph

Because i am an author    i suppose in photography my mind has often the mechanism to talk as sequences, except when i work on mise en scene, what by the way i  start to do more often now


Some people say  "to create it's giving birth "
I heard  a man who disagreed with this theory and said  "no it is not! c'mon ! creation it's just…… creation, it's just Art!"
I used to think that the act of creating was giving birth to ourselves, not to something else , even if i was doing an object , a sculpture or a painting, it was for me as if i was emphazing my existence 
I used to have this thought "I think, therefore i am , i create so i do exist"
But little by little i am losing contact with this kind of feelings
 The world changed a lot, and now I just think sincerly that creation is about dying and disappearing .


About craft 

when i work on a volume it's more about meditating than enjoying the moment , i enjoy more the result than the moment BUT IT'S STILL VITAL TO ME TO BUILD THINHGS WITH MY HANDS

When i was a kid there was this surrealistic song WE USED TO LISTEN AT SCHOOL " pirouette cacahuète " the story talk about a little man who own an weird house made of paper and cardboard , a mailman comes to visit him and falls on the paper stairs and brakes the tip of his nose . This subliminal story just stayed stuck in my mind , i can't help it to love to work with paper, cardboard and rubber tape.



"Je trouve et je cherche ensuite "

Pablo Picasso (ou peut etre quelqu'un d'autre) 


Who am i ? what do i do ?

I was born in Guadeloupe ( French west indies )

I am an

The moments in creation that i feel 200% my self, the moments that i enjoy the most among all of the rest are:  thinking of a story under the shower , writing the story with a pen or in a computer, looking for a light building stuff & tricks for lenses and being on the set of my films with actors to materialize something who was just a fragance in my head. But i have to add, i do think that every part of creation, every mediums are a part of me, i believe that every thing is linked strongly together for making me moving forwards in my nightmares and creative dreams


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