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For "Nice shoes" a smart comedy directed by Harry Webster 

3 meters by 3 Vagina made of paper an cardboard .

From " GOD" Film by Steeve Cazaux

Dresses designed with cardboard.

From "THE CUBE" Musical ART film by Steeve Cazaux

Musicians : Khem Masta / ExXÒs Metkakola  / Doob 6 

Epee, Crown, Shield made of cardboard for the artist  "LM STAR JEE" Visual album.



P R O D U C T I O N  D E S I G N

Working progress  "YONN" Film written by Steeve Cazaux


Film, written & directed by STeeve Cazaux

Alien mask created for an experimental ART film written & directed by Steeve Cazaux

Some selected work

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